Best Studio Monitors 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, buying the best studio monitors and speaker can be a really tough job, because you get to have an array of options to choose from in the market. You have a lot of factors to look before you want to choose the perfect one among all. But you no longer have to be in a quandary because here we have compiled the complete buyer guide so that you can check out the same and choose among the best of the models.

But even before that we need to take a look at why you will need studio monitors specifically and what it is used for.

Best Studio Monitors 2019

The first work of the studio monitor is to supervise over the sound quality that is being produced and can be used for both residential as well as commercial purposes. It helps the music enthusiasts to monitor the music, and mix and create new genres with innovative implementations.

1. Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor Black

If you have seen the Yamaha earlier models, then you should definitely look forward to the Yamaha HS8 because it is an amazing upgradation of the prior ones. It has a number of advanced features, and comes with a 8 inch cone woofer with 1 inch dome tweeter. It also has not one but bi- amp system so that you can have the best sound usage.

There is also a low resonance design which means that you will be able to cancel all exterior noises and there will be no echo. The transducers have been upgraded with ROOM control and HIGH trim features which enhances the studio monitor in a better manner. Then again, it also has dual inputs so that XLR and TRS phone jack inputs.


  •  Comprises of X-art tweeter for improving the frequency response of the device
  • Implementation of the Extended Accelerating Ribbon Technology helps in producing crystal clear sound without any distortion.
  •  Numerous controls have been attached at the front and rear for ease in using.

Why we liked?

If you talk about the price, then it might be a very expensive monitor, but when you compare it with the kind of services that you get, it gives a complete value for money. In fact, once you know the extra features like unwanted noise reduction, then you will be able to get even more than what you are paying for.

#2. Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitor

If you are already smitten by the Adam Audio A7, then you will definitely be able to fall in love with the A7X because it comes with numerous advances features. It has an enhanced sound quality, and it has also been compiled in the most compact manner so that carrying it is incredibly easy.

The amplifier is of premium quality of a 100M PWM so that you can have crystal clear sound quality. The most impressive factor about it is that you will be able to connect this system with any of the devices with the help of its XLR and RCA connecting points.


  •  Improved frequency and amplifier with the help of X-ART
  •  Distortion free sound and unwanted noise reduction technique makes it one of the best speaker choices.
  •  A lot of controls can be taken up by the user and modified according to the convenience.
  •  It is made out of carbon fibre which makes it incredibly hardy.

Why we liked?

It is a super powered studio monitor which has been able to create a welcoming change in the sound quality. It might be a bit too expensive but because of its premium quality the price does not seem overwhelming.

 3. JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitor

As the name already suggests, it is one of the best and the exceptional among one of them because it stands out among the various other equipments. It has amazing input sensitivity and also you get to have ample control over the device. If you want to fine tune the monitor in accordance with your convenience, then you will be able to do that with ease. Its frequency travels around a large area and gives clear sound effect.

If you talk about the integrated transducers then you will be glad to find that now the HF and LF have been upgraded for the better and helps in keeping optimum bass and distortion less noise in the best possible manner. It also restores the low frequency response options when there is a chance of sound reverberation.


  •  Increased HF transducer detail
  •  Enhanced clarity in sound,
  •  D- class amplifiers implemented in it.

Why we liked?

It has a great sound responder and clarity and improvement in sound which is professionally designed so that all your professional sound needs can be taken care of.

4. KRK RP5G3W-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

This is a highly powered studio monitor which is mostly used for professional purpose and is an indeed high quality choice for all your music needs. Indifferent of what kind of event you are organising, you can always rely on this device to cater to everything you need.

You can have all the controls and handle it with ease, so that you can get the exact kind of sound that you desire.


  • Clear sound quality suitable for all genres.
  •  It comes in accompaniment with premium quality dual speakers,
  •  Great frequency adjustment which is accurate too so that it can be adjusted in accordance to your taste.

Why we liked?

If you talk about a device with amazing value for money, then this is the perfect option to look after all your needs and serve beyond the costing.

5. Focal Solo6 Be 6.5” Powered studio monitor

It is a compact monitor which is comprised of active configuration. It is one of the best professional monitors, and it has a high frequency tuner so that you can change it from high, medium and low sections so that it can be tuned to perfection. The maximum speaker potential is 106 decibels.

It is a very high quality device with premium quality elements within and also a stylish design. The sound balance is quite appreciable and it can be connected to 2 audio sources.


  • It has a sandwich cone which can gain access to unbeatable frequency response rate.
  •  The inverted dome tweeter helps in the high accuracy of sound and precision to it as well.
  •  It is accompanied by a high quality potentiometer which will help you in detecting the woofer levels.
  •  Energy efficiency by reducing the power usage
  •  No distortion in sound

Why we liked?

It is a 3 way powered monitor that can give immensely accurate sound effects and is compatible with most of the systems. It is very reputed and has been able to get a lot of positive reviews.

6. Neumann KH 120-A Active Studio Monitor

This device comes with a dual amplifier because of two amplifier of 50W each and has a high powered monitor which is suitable for every music genre. If you talk about the precision of the device then it has been designed for approximately 0.5 decibels so that the imaging can be delivered to absolute perfection.

It has been designed by the best professionals in the industry and has been built to be compact and portable which is created out of premium quality aluminium.


  • Dual amplifiers gives crystal clear sound
  •  The frequency feature is absolutely flat
  •  Versatile device with dual applications, in the front as well as the sear sections.

Why we liked?

It is a professionally designed equipment that can help you in recording, mixing and building expertise over music.

7. KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Genera

It is another amazing speaker and studio monitor which have been manufactured by brilliant professionals and it has been designed in a manner so that all of your studio and music needs can be satiated.

It has been able to compete at a breakneck speed with the other studio monitors so that you can get the best value for money.


  •  Extremely good noise cancellation technique and avoids any sort of noise distortion as well.
  •  Crystal clear sound with fine tuning capabilities.
  •  Soft dome tweeter gives an ideal response of 35Hz.

Why we liked?

As far as studio monitors are concerned, the KRK RP5G3-NA is one of the most amazing choices for the professionals in order to put forward the perfect music.

# 8. Mackie HR824mkii 8-inch 2 way studio monitor

If your priority is to create magnanimous sound quality then you have to make sure of the fact that you choose this one. It comprises of high-frequency quality and has elevated precision quality it also comes with low distortion quality and has a ferrofluid-cooled tweeter. It also has dual FR series amplifiers which is mostly of 150W LF and 100W HF.

Along with utmost balance in XLR, TRS as well as the imbalance in the RCA inputs, it also has a mounting system so that you can work in a hands-free manner.


  •  Presence of A/B amplifiers so that the high, as well as the low sounds, can be heard with precision.
  • High unwanted noise cancellation

Why we liked?

If you compare this studio monitor with other such products, then definitely it is not as top notch, but when you compare it with the price point, then it is worth the praise.

9. Dynaudio Acoustics BM6 mkIII Studio Monitor

If you are already accustomed to the Dynaudio mkII, then this is the upgraded version of this equipment with a number of integrated technologies. It gives a high-end performance and it has been specifically designed for every kind of music that you want to hear and create.

Professionally this is one among the high-end monitors which has been able to create a distinct effect and give you the accurate quality that you have always desired to have.


  •  It is accompanied with a 7-inch woofer with an extension so that you can have absolute precision in music making and also has low distortion.
  •  Implementation of the soft tweeter which improves the sound quality.
  •  Unwanted noise cancellation technique.

Why we liked?

Flawless sound quality helps the music lovers to create, mix and listen to music in the best manner with crystal-like clarity.

10. Genelec M040 Active 2-Way Monitor

If you are looking for something unique then this is indeed your top choice. It has all the intrinsic audio mixing applications that you would desire to have and is used exclusively for high-end recording purposes. It is compatible with a number of systems and has created a one of a kind element.


  •  Enhanced frequency response
  • Optimum value for the services achieved.
  •  Designed for real end use as well.

Why we liked?

It is indeed a surprise to be able to have such a great product at an affordable rate, and therefore it has been highly recommended for the best music professionals.

Buyer’s Guide

If you think about buying the monitors, then you will find it very difficult to choose just one. That is why you have to check for the factors being mentioned below so that you know what exactly you are looking for when you visit the online or offline stores.

Costing of the Device

The first aspect that you have to look forward to when you are using the device is to go for the costing because you would obviously look forward to sticking to your budget. The range of a studio monitor can go upto thousands of dollars and that is the reason why you need to be careful while choosing the perfect monitor which comes in affordable price.

 Monitor Type

Among both the different types of monitors, you should choose among the active and passive ones. The passive ones do not come with the inbuilt amplifier while the active ones are accompanied by powerful amplifiers. While you can use the active amplifiers immediately after unboxing, you can also use the passive ones in accordance with your choice.

 Speaker Size

You have to understand that the bigger the size of the speaker you have, the better will be the quality of the sound. But if you have a space issue, then it is better that you go for the smaller sized speakers with the 5-inch bass so that you can have clarity in sound as well as no space issue.

 Value for Money

You have to look forward towards the fact that you are actually getting something that you are paying for. Many of the sound monitors will not give you the value for money and you might be deceived.. Therefore make sure that you check the featured of the sound equipment before buying.

 Style and Weight of the Device

You need to look forward to have an elegant looking device because that will improve the decor of your home or your studio. It is advisable to use lightweight equipment so that you can carry it with ease.

 Power Rating and Frequency

While buying the studio monitor make sure that the watt rating is high so that the volume can be amazing and any sound distortion can be avoided. As far as frequency is concerned, you will have to look for flat frequency so that your sound output is uncoloured.


In a nutshell, now that you have full on information about the studio monitors, you should definitely go forward and have the best studio monitors in accordance with your suitability.

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